Sponsor A Student

Collège Eben-Ezer des Gonaïves is a Christian educational school. We receive students from many regions of the Artobonite department, many of whom cannot pay their scholastic fees. It is not uncommon for the school to receive them regardless of their financial standing and give them the materials necessary to help them succeed in their studies. The two hurricanes that Gonaives faced in 2004 and 2008 destroyed a great part of the city’s economy, thus affecting almost every family.
Even to this day, many of those families are not able to face their obligations to take care of their children. That is why we are constantly looking for people who have a kind heart to help us in keeping our students attending school.

With only twenty dollars a month, you can personally make a difference in their lives by helping support our students in their academic endeavors. With your support, we can help more than one hundred students at College Eben-Ezer live a healthier, more prestigious life. In addition to directly supporting the students, the donated money will ensure that our teachers are properly paid.

"Help us by donating to our early education programs because learning can’t wait ! "

Want To Make a Difference ?

If you feel moved to help us in supporting our students, you can follow the link below to donate directly to College Eben-Ezer’s paypal account.